COVID Protocols

*please follow all guidelines for outdoor gatherings including wearing a mask, physically distancing and sanitizing your hands. Mahalo!

We couldn't come up with anything scarier than COVID.

This event will follow all local Covid-19 guidelines for outdoor events. This event and updates are subject to change without notice. Please check back here often for updates. Be safe, be vigilant.

Mask Up

We will follow all directives from the Governor with regards to outdoor event guidelines.

Social Distancing

This event is an outdoor event on approximately 50 acres. In order to keep our community safe no more than the maximum number of people as deemed safe by the County Of Hawai'i will be allowed outside of their vehicles at a time. Pre-ordering pumpkins, concessions etc. is recommended and can be brought to your vehicle. Please let our Parking Attendant know upon arrival. Mahalo.


We will have hand sanitizer, restrooms and hand washing stations available for use.

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Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.